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The best part of the annual Milford trip!



We spent a good part of Monday wandering around the beach, there’s a lot of wildlife if you look hard enough… when the tide goes out, the sandbar has lots of hills and valleys, creating great tidal pools full of hermit crabs, horseshoe crabs, small shrimp, razor clams, oysters, and other mollusks. They’re hard to find at first, but not for the seagulls.


We had our yearly Milford weekend last weekend; the weekend I look forward to most in the year. It doesn’t get much more fun and relaxing, rain or shine (we usually get a bit of both). There’s always great food whether it’s grilled pizzas overflowing with fresh vegetables or greasy all-American diner fare, plenty of summer drinks and good times. Thanks again to Eric and Abby for hosting!

Things I did this memorial day weekend:
• Finished ‘Salem’s Lot
• Ate lots of BBQ
• Became a Godfather
• Remembered

Hope it was a good one for you!


A Watertown diptych… We had a big weekend, went down to the cape with Eric and Abby, and then we spent all of Sunday preparing for/executing our Lost finale party!


Diptych #2!


Diptych week!

Got some fresh basil with the Boston Organics produce drop this week!

Another beautiful weekend. I love springtime. Spent Saturday at the park with Missy and Jack, then at a BBQ in the evening. I started The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest yesterday, the third book in the Milennium series by Stieg Larsson. It doesn’t come out in the US until the end of the month, but I ordered an import for Missy a few months ago. It’s 600 pages and denser than the other 2, but still totally gripping. I’m already almost halfway through, I can’t put it down.

Went to the gym tonight for the first time in a week, it felt so good. I took an extra long sauna, I was feeling high from it all night. Missy made polenta with tomatoes, mushrooms, feta, swiss chard and kalamata olives tonight. It’s shaping up to be quite the weekend!